Agro Engineering Inc.

Agro Engineering

Comprehensive Agricultural Engineering

Agro Engineering is a small independent company located in the San Luis Valley that consults with local growers to help grow the best crops possible with minimal inputs. Our team is comprised of agronomists and agricultural engineers to handle all of the water, nutrition, and quality concerns that challenge farmers today. With staff both from the San Luis Valley and from beyond Agro Engineering is ready and eager to help you with whatever problems or questions you may have.


Utilizing experts from multiple fields to provide the best service

We utilize a variety of educations, certifications, and experience to offer a large scope of services. We work year round with a majority of field work done in the summer. Any of our service packages offer weekly visits from planting until harvest on your crops. Whether you are trying a new crop, want an extra set of trained eyes, or are just too busy to get to everything we can help you.


Using powerful tools to grow your operation

Agro Engineering focuses on using the most modern technologies and research to incorporate science into agriculture. We offer the most advanced aerial photography program in our area to optimize our clients field productivity. Agro Engineering has the most sophisticated in season fertility and an advanced in-house soil fertility database that is custom built to provide the best fertility reccommendations specific to our region.